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Another question, another picture
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Posted by: Joe @ 10:53 am

Well, this is the week for Beloit’s Club Pop House to be published.  Among other places, it’s available locally at Turtle Creek Books (  I’ll be there on Saturday, June 7 beginning at 10:00 a.m. to sign your copy.  The Pop House reunion party will be later that evening at Suds O’Hanahan’s Irish Pub, beginning at 8:00 p.m.  Hope to see you all there.

I received an email from Jerry Wood (BMHS 1955).  He was interested in knowing who were the members of the 1957 Chili Queen Court.  So, here is a photo that didn’t make it into the book (though there are a couple of others in the book that feature Chili Queen Carol Maryott, seated in the booth, second from right in this photo).  You can help Jerry out by identifying these folks, including the guys in the sombreros…

(Courtesy of the Pop House Collection)

Also, here’s a picture of Beloit’s own Mic’s Masters after they became the Leopardmen in 1964.  Looks like there was at least one personnel addition.  Are these five guys Roger and Robert Mickey (at each end), Chuck Voss, Steve Leitz, and Jim Rogers?  Can anyone confirm this?  Bob… or Pam Barrs… are you still out there?

(Courtesy of the Pop House Collection)


10 Responses to “Another question, another picture”

  1. Pam Barrs Says:
    Hi Joe - From left to right - Roger Mickey, Stan Shoefeldt (that may be spelled wrong), Steve Leitz, Jim Rogers and Bob Mickey. Pam Barrs
  2. Dick Riggins Says:
    The girl to Carol Maryott’s left is Mary Jo Witte. The girl directly across from her on the other end is Sally Stevens. Both BCH class of 58. I was BCH 59.
  3. Joe Says:
    Thanks Pam and Dick!
  4. Pam Barrs Says:
    I got my Robert and my Roger’s mixed up. It’s Bob Mickey on the left and Roger on the right. sorry
  5. Joe Says:
    You are forgiven. They are twins, after all!
  6. Jim Wilson Says:
    your picture of the Mixmasters looks like Stan Shufelt 2nd from the left, he was in class of ‘65
  7. Greg Harrington Says:
    Thanks for publishing this book Joe. It will be a great gift for my dad and his two brothers.
  8. Joe Says:
    Hi Greg. Congratulations on your recent marriage! Nice photos on your family blog. Joe
  9. Jean Voss Says:
    Chuck Voss was in Vietnam at the time of this photo. Let me know if you would like any other photos of the Micsmasters as my mother-in-law still has some.
  10. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Jean. Hope you saw the other blog posting about Mics Masters at: