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October 2021
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Mic’s Masters
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Posted by: Joe @ 7:22 pm

This one is for Pam Barrs who asked about the Beloit band, Mic’s Masters, later the Leopardmen, who played at the Pop House just before my time there.  However, I do remember being at a Beloit Catholic High School Mardi Gras dance when I was in eighth grade (spring 1964) where Mic’s Masters were playing.  I can recall one of the songs they played… Surfin’ Bird.  Pam, are these the guys you mentioned… twins Roger Mickey (lead guitar) and Robert Mickey (rhythm guitar/keyboards), Chuck Voss (bass) and Jim Rogers (drums)?  The Leopardmen may have included Stan Schufelt (vocal) and Steve Leitz (bass).

(Photo courtesy of the Stankewitz family)

**UPDATE**  I should have suspected that Mic’s Masters would have recorded a 45rpm single, as many garage bands in the sixties did.  This one may have been the first recorded by a Beloit band.  Leaf Records studio was located in Janesville and was used by a number of area bands.  The song, Rock-N-Round, was written by Roger Mickey and recorded in 1963…

(Label courtesy of Dave Hernandez)

4 Responses to “Mic’s Masters”

  1. Pam Says:
    YES - that would be them! Thanks for posting this Joe.
  2. Bob Mickey Says:
    Pam, I was the guitarist in the Mic’s Masters and I can remember a lot of great nights playing at the Pop House. I’m the one standing on the highest platform. I am a CFO for a Corporation in Dallas, Texas area. I still play, mostly piano now; my daughter was a jazz sax major at North Texas Univ, and my son is a better guitar player than I ever was. Drop me a note, I’d like to hear about some of the old Pop House gang. BOB
  3. dave hernandez Says:
    Bob, great hearing from you. My band “The Chevelles” were the second rock n’ roll band from Beloit. You guys were the first… Dave
  4. Tom Chekouras Says:
    Hi Bob, Great of you to ‘check in’. I was the lead guitarist in the Chevelles. You guys were a rock-solid group. I recall seeing you perform at a BCH Mardi Gras as well as at the Waverly Ballroom. No mention was made of Steve Lietz(sp?) (bassist) in the The Leopardmen/Mic’s Masters history. Steve and I lived a few doors apart in grade school. Wasn’t the ‘B’ side of your Leaf single “Sandstorm”? I recall liking it better than the ‘A’ side — but that’s just me. Keep playing, Bud! Tom