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January 2008
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Beloit Historical Society Newsletter
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Posted by: Joe @ 1:56 pm

Last week I received my copy of Confluence, newsletter of the Beloit Historical Society.  A regular feature of the newsletter is a section called “Ads of Old” where copies of long-forgotten advertisements from past newspapers, directories, yearbooks, and other historical sources are featured.


On page two of the latest issue there were some ads from the 1954 Beloit High School Beloiter yearbook.  Among them was one for the Club Pop House.  The ad features a photo of George placing a large clock on the wall over the refrigerator that holds a number of trophies, pennants, and other items.  The clock was a gift of the BHS class of ’54 that was given to George around Christmas 1953.


The printed picture is a little dark, but you can view a fast-loading JPG image of just that page by CLICKING HERE.  You should be able to enlarge the page on your display by clicking on the image.


The complete online newsletter in PDF can be downloaded at:

(It will take a while to download because it’s a large file.)


While you’re there at the website, you might want to consider joining the Society or renewing your membership.


Here’s some other trivia I researched about the photo.  A few Christmas greeting cards can be seen hanging from the ceiling.  Also visible on the wall to the right are a couple of small posters.  One is a picture of Gene Knutson, a 1950 BHS graduate who played football for the University of Michigan Wolverines and then for the Green Bay Packers in 1954 and 1956.  The other is a photo of the Wolverine team on which Knutson played along with a newspaper clipping about him tacked below it.  Barely visible but stuck on the refrigerator doors are pictures of two major league pitchers, Bob Rush and Warren Hacker.  Both played for the Chicago Cubs in the late 1940s to mid 1950s.  Rush also played for the Milwaukee Braves from 1958 to 1960.  On the counter to the right you can see the vintage Rochester Root Beer dispenser.  The dispenser was probably red with brown and black labels, two on each side and one on the back. The handle pulled for dispensing root beer which was mixed from separate syrup and soda compartments.


The original picture used in the Beloiter ad is one of nearly 200 photos that will be featured in the book, Beloit’s Club Pop House.  Below is another “ad of old.”  This one is from the 1954 Beloit College Gold yearbook in which George placed the following advertisement.  Enjoy…

 1954 Beloit College "Gold" ad
(Courtesy of the Beloit College Archives)


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Happy New Year!
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Posted by: Joe @ 8:13 am

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!  I’m pleased to announce that the book, Beloit’s Club Pop House will be published in May 2008 by Arcadia Publishing.  I plan to continue the blog and will be posting odds and ends that didn’t make it into the final version.  So please continue to comment as more postings will follow.  Thanks for your participation and contributions.

In the meantime, here’s a question that needs a quick response:  In the 1971 Pop House softball league, there was a team named the WAFS.  What does WAFS stand for?

Anxiously awaitng the book… or the annoucement of a Chili Queen.  I forget which.
(Courtesy of the Pop House collection)

Recognize anyone in the above picture?