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The Esquires (Belvidere, IL)
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Posted by: Joe @ 6:15 am

One of the bands that played regularly at the Pop House in the late 60’s was The Esquires from Belvidere, Illinois.  The photo below shows them warming up on the Pop House stage.  I can identify the twins, Dave (drums) and Dana (bass) Buck.  Can someone help with the other two?  The Esquires recorded at least one single in 1967, Am I to Blame b/w Pretty Little Girl, on the Feature label, a record company out of Madison/Janesville owned by Ken Adamany and Steve Sperry.  I thought they also recorded a cover version of the Ronettes’ Be My Baby, but I can’t prove it.  The Esquires also played a few times at the Star Zenith Boat Club in Beloit where the Buck family were members.  Dave and Dana eventually joined a band  named Gulliver who recorded an album, Ridin’ the Wind (1979, CBS).  I’d be curious to know the whereabouts of these guys now.  Let me hear about your memories of The Esquires.

The Esquires (Belvidere, IL)
(Photo courtesy of the Stankewitz family)

20 Responses to “The Esquires (Belvidere, IL)”

  1. Peggy Says:
    I saw The Esquires perform MANY times at the University of Illinois while I was in college. Got to know the group members a little bit, and were real fans back then. No- I don’t know where they are now, but I’d love to get some recordings of when they were together. Although this photo is from a time before I saw them (1968- 72), I think the other 2 members were Brad (keyboard and guitar), and Tom (lead guitar). Last I heard Tom was living in the Hinckley, IL area, but that was a long time ago. They did record “Be My Baby”, I believe, but unfortunately I do not have a copy. If you have any other info., please let me know. Thanks! Peggy
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks for the comment, Peggy. I may get a chance to talk with Dana. After that, I will have more information. Joe
  3. Rick Pollock Says:
    I grew up in Belvidere, and lived near the Bucks home. I have fond memories of listening to the Esquires practicing in the family garage. I was thinking about my youth, and I somehow remembered the Esquires and as a result of a Google search found your site. Thanks for the memories!
  4. Joe Says:
    Rick, Thanks for your comment. I have an interview scheduled with Dana Buck and Brad Palmer and will share it with them. I hope to include a chapter about them in my book. Joe
  5. Gary Myers Says:
    Joe, my new book,”On That Wisconsin Beat” includes some of the info you’re looking for. I just received a fwd of your question to Jim Kirchstein. I can write more later; right now it’s a little after midnight and I just got home from my 2nd gig of the day. Gary Myers
  6. Joe Says:
    Anyone who is interested in Wisconsin bands from the 50’s and 60’s should check out Gary’s first book… “Do You Hear That Beat” publshed by Hummingbird Press in 1994. There may be a few copies available from Amazon. His new book, “On That Wisconsin Beat” is now available from his web site: Joe
  7. Gene Duffy Says:

    Although the Esquires were one of the areas top notch bands. There was a group in Belvedere also called “The Tyme”, they were all over the Belvedere/Rockford area for two years. Then they were gone. Any info?

  8. Joe Says:
    Hmmm… can’t say that I remember them. Anyone out there remember “The Tyme”? Joe
  9. Larry Says:
    I got an email from a former member (Pat Glass). Pat joined the group in ‘69. After that, Tom left the group and then Brad. He also provide some info on the Redwoods..(Redwood Rumpus Room..Belvidere). That was composed of Pat Glass, John Ferguson, Stan Barnes, Ken Taylor, and Dale Knodle. Steve Leitz (from Beloit) joined them later.
  10. Tony Says:
    I saw the Esquires perform at Eastern Illinois University several times…they always did a song whose lyrics were in part…”I haven’t been away that long, I guess they sing a different song, since I’ve been gone…” Anyone know the song?
  11. Joe Says:
    Tony, Do you mean Western Illinois… at The Barn in Sterling? And what years would that be?
  12. dave hernandez Says:
    Saw Dana Buck a few year back. He is playing in a band from Rockford,Il. called ” The Sensations”. We talked about the “Rumpus Room” and other venues that were played during that period of time.. Dave
  13. Brad Palmer Says:
    Great site, Joe. I enjoyed the interview Dana and I had with you. I’m in my 30th year here in South Central Wisconsin, still playing music, though I’m a grandfather now–as is Dana. I saw Dave just last year, he was visiting from Canada. We are all OK, enjoying life and families. The Esquires are the fondest memories of my youth. We met so many WONDERFUL people. The Pop House was one of our favorite gigs. Be well, peace, and thanks. Brad Palmer
  14. Randall Says:
    Joe, As for question #7 about The Tyme I do have information, my uncle Larry played drums with the band. They did play a lot in the area.
  15. Joe Says:
    Randall, thanks for your comment. You’re welcome to post info about The Tyme here. I would be interested to know if they played at the Pop House, and when. Thanks.
  16. Lance Wilson Says:
    Tom Harrison was the guitarist for the Esquires, and he later played in a band called “Flashback” with some former members of a Rockford, Illinois group “Forest”. I knew Tom not only from his band connections, but I was dating the twin sister of his wife back in the early 70’s. The last I heard, Tom was suposedly living somewhere in Arizona. Although I live in Arizona today, in addition to the drummer from “Forest” and “Flashback” and also the bass player from “Forest”, we have not been able to locate Tom to substansiate wheter he is indeed living in Arizona.
  17. Joe Says:
    Just found the MySpace profile for Pat Glass who replaced Tom Harrison in the Esquires sometime in 1969. A short time after that Brad Palmer left the group. They changed their name to the Eskees and were very popular in and around Las Vegas. Check out Pat’s profile and music at:
  18. Robert J Says:
    Thanks for the memories Joe. I used to see the Esquires all the time at the Redwood Rumpus Room and all the other great bands like the Grim Reapers, the Pagans, and many more. My brother Gary Johnson along with Gary Kivisto were roadies for the Esquires around the summer of ‘67. They kept in touch with the Buck brothers for several years. My brother committed suicide in 1998 and Kivisto was attempting to contact the Buck’s and let them know. I don’t know if he was successful. Regardless, my favorite band back then was always the Esquires.
  19. Judy Ingersoll Says:
    Have found an old 5×7 color photo of the Esquires, autographed with Tom Harrison, Brad Palmer and the Buck boys. This is not a professional photo but they were playing their band someplace. There is some Dutch writing on the back, this was in December 1965, looks like they were playing at some motel. Can you provide me with anything more on them? Thank you.
  20. Joe Says:
    Judy, Dutch? Hmmm… see the other blog entry and comments about the Esquires at: Thanks. Joe.