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October 2022
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More on The Esquires…
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Posted by: Joe @ 9:02 pm

Had the opportunity to interview Dana Buck (bass) and Brad Palmer (guitar/kybds) of The Esquires.  Dana and Brad fondly remembered those days of performing at the Pop House, noting that George always offered them burgers and malts after the gigs.  Dana still resides in Illinois and works in a Rockford band called The Sensations when he’s not busy as account manager for Crown USA.  Brad works in the health field as an RN in Wisconsin and also performs with a band called Abby Normal in Portage.  Dana’s twin brother Dave (drums) lives in Canada.  The whereabouts of Tom Harrison (guitar) is unknown.  I’ll be featuring more on The Esquires in my book.

The Esquires: Tom Harrison, Dana Buck, Dave Buck, Brad Palmer
(Photo courtesy of  Dana Buck)

6 Responses to “More on The Esquires…”

  1. Randall Says:
    I remember as a little boy growing up in Belvidere IL sneaking in to a place called the Rumpus Room, I believe it was called, to hear rehearsal sound checks for the Esquires — later known as the Eskees — and a band called the Upside Down Doubledecker Bus.  I remember a band called The Tyme — my uncle Larry played drums in it!
  2. T Says:
    Dave and Dana allowed me to stay with them for a bit, when first arriving in Champaign, 71 or 72. I lost track of them but thought of them recently and found your site. I had moved from Rockford, entering the University. We had a few chuckles. Good memories. I too remember the Rumpus Room in Belvidere. I’m trying to remember John’s name. Their manager.
  3. HOLMES Says:
    I also have great memories of the Esquires. My sister dated David. And my sister friend Judy Ford dated Dana. I saw the band play alot at the Rumpus Room and in Rockford and the Boone County Fair. I even watched their practices in their garage.
  4. Joe Says:
    Just found the MySpace profile for Pat Glass who replaced Tom Harrison in the Esquires sometime in the late 1960s. Sometime after that Brad Palmer left the group. They changed their name to the Eskees and were very popular in and around Las Vegas. Check out Pat’s profile and music at:
  5. Dana Buck Says:
    Hi Joe, Touching bases to say thanks for including us in your book. It was a total hoot the day you interviewed Brad & I at my house. The Sensations are really going strong. Our new website is .  If you are ever back in the Rockford area, check our band schedule and check us out. It would be great to see you again. Thanks, Dana
  6. Joe Says:
    Hi Dana, Great to hear from you! Don’t know if Brad mentioned to you that we heard Abby Normal perform at Shipwreck Cove on Castle Rock Lake when we were vacationing near there a while back. We would love to come hear the Sensations! I’ll check out the web site and see when we can make it. Best to you and yours. Thanks, Joe.  (P.S. Love the new web site!  Also checked out your MySpace page at: Cool!)