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Crowd pleasers
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Posted by: Joe @ 5:40 pm

Last June, Jerry Wood (BCH ‘55) sent me a copy of the 1957 Chili Queen candidates that he colorized.  It sort of fell by the wayside until I heard from him again recently.  This time, through his correspondence with Mary Jo Witte who was a member of that group, all the girls in the photo are now identified.  They are (l to r):  Sally Stevens, Connie Bryant, Kay Buckwalter, Carol Chester, Carol Maryott, and Mary Jo Witte.  (Click on image to enlarge.)

1957 Colorized Chili Queen Candidates
(Pop House photo colorized by Jerry Wood)

Now if anyone would like to verify the girls’ hair colors, please help Jerry out.  If you know who the two grillmen in sombreros are, that would also be helpful.  My only comment about the colorizing is that the stripes on the wall should be red and white.  Jerry invites you to see a recent photo of him and a few other Beloiters that he posted to the Beloit Daily News web site at:

Here are some other crowd photos from Chili Festivals. Maybe you can name the year or spot some familiar faces — even your own! — and let everyone know by leaving a comment.  (Click on the images to enlarge.)

1960s Chili Festival     1950s Chili Festival
#1                                                                  #2

1950s-60s Chili Festival     1958 Chili Festival
#3                                                                   #4
(Pop House Collection)


5 Responses to “Crowd pleasers”

  1. Pam Barrs Says:
    In photo #1, I recognize three but can only remember one name - Linda Jack.
  2. Joe Says:
    Got an email from Gerry Watson who identified some of the people in picture #3. I’ll attempt to describe their positions in the photo… Girl in second row, far right in front of post is Lola Thayer. Next to her in white shirt, looking at the camera is Sandy Simonds. Over Sandy’s shoulder with his head turned toward left is Ken Tilley. Continuing left and back a bit, the girl with short bangs, glasses and lipstick, in a white shirt is Sharon Mott. The guy directly behind Sharon is Gordy Vall. Standing in the back row on the left in the striped shirt is Ed Polglaze. Moving right, leaning on the room divider is John Clark. Further to the right, on the other side of the guy with his arms crossed, is Charlie Beebe. Gerry identified himself as the guy behind Lola Thayer whose face is obscured by her head and the post. OK… nice hair, Gerry. Thanks! This photo was probably from about 1959.
  3. Joe Says:
    Just noticed in #1… are Linda Senes (dark hair and glasses looking left) and Ann Toffanetti (tall, in light sweater over white shirt) standing on left side of frame?
  4. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Hi Joe, #1- Upper left corner looks like Floyd”Chico” Wells. Upper corner (left side of face cut off) looks like Steve Larson. Front row girl in black with lace on sleeves looks like Phyllis Goodwin?
  5. Joe Says:
    Thanks Kevin.