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Interview opportunity…
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Posted by: Joe @ 9:29 am

Hi everybody.  Thanks for all your interest and support for Beloit’s Club Pop House.  I was asked by a very nice newspaper reporter if I could provide names of former Pop House members who would be willing to share some of their memories for a forthcoming article.  If you’re willing to spend a few minutes sharing some Pop House memories, please let me know by Saturday, May 31 either by email or by leaving a comment.  (I won’t post the comment… I’ll contact you privately.)  Thanks!  Joe

6 Responses to “Interview opportunity…”

  1. Tim McKearn Says:
    Joe, I saw a copy of your book this morning. It looks great. I have recently spoken with a Beloit College grad who told me that George was one of three men he considered mentors; the other two were Beloit College professors. Good luck with the book!
  2. Clark Moriarty Says:
    Joe, Thank you. I would be honored… it has been great the past 2 1/2 years reading and responding to your wonderful site. Again thank you —— CLARK MORIARTY.
  3. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Tim and Clark.  I appreciate your comments.
  4. Jim Wilson Says:
    Joe - I’d be willing to talk to them.  I sent an e-mail to Johnny Green about your book and the reunion scheduled for June 7th. He said if he had more notice, they could have been there. They will be in Rapid City, SD but asked me to say hello to “Joe & gang and hope we are in the book”. Jim
  5. Mark Urban Says:
    Hi Joe, Just received your book from Arcadia yesterday. Excellent! We need more Georges and more people like you to keep these important traditions going. Great job!
  6. Joe Says:
    Thanks Jim and Mark. And thanks to everyone who volunteered to be interviewed! Those of you who eventually were contacted can see your comments in Stateline News, Boomers Magazine, and the Janesville Gazette!