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October 2022
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Basketball Jones…
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Posted by: Joe @ 5:46 pm

So these basketball pics were among some contributed by Ida & Dick Lenz.  A couple of faces have been identified, but it would be helpful to know a few more and maybe some years these might have been taken.  Any of them from the city championship team of 1957 or the undefeated team of 1952?  Seems the Pop House basketball teams were pretty good, having won about a dozen championships of one sort or another over the years. Take another look at the blog entry “Congratulations” dated  6/26/07 too.  Thanks.  BTW… you can right click on these, save them, and enlarge them in your photo viewer.

Is that Vince on the left?  Is Bill Watson in there?  What about the guy with the glasses?

Everett Haskell is front right.  Is one of them Bill Merkle?

Looks like E.J. Mauel on the left.  Who’s the other guy?

An action shot.  Who is the opposing team… (something) DALE DEMONS?


12 Responses to “Basketball Jones…”

  1. Gerry Watson Says:
    In pic #1, yes that’s Vince on the far left.  I think the one in the middle next to George is Wes Mason.  The one in the front row, far right, is my brother Bill Watson.  The one standing in back of Vince and George I think is (Goose).  I don’t remember his given name.
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Gerry. “Goose” must be Don Tamulis. I thought it looked like him.
  3. Mike Hutchinson Says:
    Pic’s 1 & 2 - Back row, far right is ? Merkle. I can’t remember if his first name is Bill.
  4. Gerry Watson Says:
    FYI, The Pop House team in pic#1 also played and beat The Harlem Globe Trotters at the Beloit Memorial High School Gym the year may have been 1952 but I’m not sure. and Merkle’s first name is Paul according to my brother.
  5. Joe Says:
    Gerry and Mike, I’m pretty sure Merkle’s name is Bill. I have him identified in some other photos, just didn’t recognize him in these. Thanks.
  6. aaron bell Says:
    That is Bill Torrey with EJ.
  7. Joe Says:
    Thanks Aaron.
  8. Joe Says:
    I got an email from Bill Torrey (BHS ‘72) who showed this entry to his mother. She was able to identify some of the players as follows: Picture #2: The front row is #8 Art Finnegan, #4 Buzz Gunderson and #1 Everett Haskell, in the back row she didn’t know the coach/manager but the next person is Morris Hansen (His daughter Barbara graduated with Bill in 1972) followed by Bill’s father Bill Torrey (BHS 1948). She was not positive but she thinks the next man with glasses on may be Dick McCauley followed by Bill Merkle. Picture #3: E J Mauel (BHS 1947) and Bill Torrey. Picture #4: Vince, Don Tamulis and George followed by 3 not known and the far right is Bill Merkle. Thanks Bill.
  9. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza Says:
    Does anyone know where the archival year books were moved at the close of Beloit Catholic High ? In fact, any archival trophies…things that should have been saved as part of BCH history.
  10. Gerry Watson Says:
    Joe, my brother Bill corrected me on one of the names of a player in pic#1 the guy I said was Wes Mason, standing between George and Bill is (Bill “Ace” Hannawall) sorry about the mix up.
  11. Joe Says:
    Found out through “Ace” Hanewall’s sister, Nancy, the correct spelling for his name (Hanewall). My sincere apologies. Joe
  12. Pete Connolly Says:
    Ace Hanewall was a buddy of mine in the Marine Corps. Can you send me his e-mail address - - or Nancy’s? Thanks. Pete Connolly