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1964… Summer Nights
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Posted by: Joe @ 4:22 pm

I’ve learned that some national music acts in the sixties traveled and performed together as a “packaged deal.”  Evidence seems to suggest that such was the case for a couple of Pop House shows in 1964.  I wasn’t quite a sophomore and couldn’t go to the Pop House yet.  For those of you who were around that summer and saw these shows, let me know if I’m right about this.  During the summer of ‘64, I believe the following acts appeared together:

Paul & Paula, Dick & DeeDee, and the Dovells
June or July 1964
Backing band was Danny & the Velaires
Phyllis (Goodwin) Kaplan was pretty sure she’d seen Paul, Paula, Dick, and DeeDee on the same night.
What do you remember?

Johnny Tillotson and Bernadette Carroll
July or August 1964
Backing band was Ronnie Dio & the Prophets
I’ve heard from some of you who saw Johnny Tillotson.  Did the others perform that night too?

Another packaged deal (Dick Clark’s “Hitsville”) that appeared in April 1965 probably included all or some of these acts:  Lou Christie, The Trade Winds, Reparata & the DelRons, Round Robin, Louise Caldwell Harrison (sister of Beatle George), and backing band Gene Jones & the Impacts.

If you were there for any of these shows let me know.

4 Responses to “1964… Summer Nights”

  1. Jo Says:
    What a great site! I was just referred to it and what a walk back in time!! I hung out from ‘65-67 during high school, and dropped back in after I left for college. I am so grateful for George and the Pop House. They are among the best memories I have of high school and Beloit. And the bands - wow! Thanks for putting all of this history together. Jo Healless BMHS class of ‘67
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks for your comments, Jo! Glad you were referred. The book should be out by next summer.  Joe (BCH ‘68)
  3. clark moriarty Says:
    That was my first summer at the Pop House and I remember seeing Paul and Paula that year ,but I dont think that Dick and Dee Dee were there the same night.
  4. Joe Says:
    Clark, I found out they were all touring on the same bill that summer (1964). Individually, each act probably did not have enough material to do an entire three-hour show.  So they each would do about 20 to 45 minutes with the backing band warming up in between.  Phyllis remembers them both, so I went with the info I had and her recollection. Thanks. Joe