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October 2022
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Another installment of Whoozdis?
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Posted by: Joe @ 2:24 pm

Are you ready to test your memory… or check with someone else who still has theirs?

Here’s another installment of “Whoozdis?” where the object is to help identify people or events in some photos.  If you know the answers, post a comment.  Here we go.  Just click on the graphic…


19 Responses to “Another installment of Whoozdis?”

  1. Kevin Schmale Says:
    #8 From Top Left.. Pam Daugherty, Linda Harris, ? , Bobbi Tadder.   #10 It came back to me, I think it’s Kathy Pratt.
  2. Kevin Schmale Says:
    #3.. On George’s right is my father, Wayne Schmale.
  3. Joe Says:
    Thanks Kevin. So in #3, your father is between Everett and George? Would this be about 1949?  Thanks for the names in #8 and #10. Joe
  4. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Joe, yes in #3, my dad is the guy in the checked shirt. The year would be between 1947 and 1950. Exactly when, I don’t know. Also, In #2, the guy in the cowboy hat is Coach John Heineke. I don’t know who the girls are but it had to be 1967-1970. I’ll check my yearbook.
  5. Joe Says:
    Thanks again, Kevin.
  6. Joe Says:
    I heard from both Gerry Watson and Mike Hutchinson. Between the two of them, they identified all but one of the guys in photo #4, many of whom graduated in 1959. From left: Les “Chub” Helgeson, ___, Mike Dane, Ron(?) Nelson, Jerry Pate (center with hands in pockets), Phil Speilmacher, Jerry Koopman, Jerry Gunning, Pete Springberg, and Jeff Stanley standing on the right, son of Dolph Stanley the famous Beloit College basketball coach who won the national championship in the 50’s.
  7. Joe Says:
    Both Mike and Kevin identified the guy in the cowboy hat in #2 as Coach John Heineke. Mike also identified the guy in the 1961 sweater (in #9) as Jerry Taylor. Anyone know who the guy is between Jerry and George?
  8. clark moriarty Says:
    Joe, (#8) The girl behind the girl with her mouth open is Joann Healess; to the left of Bobbie Tadder is Merna Leipfried.  Behind her is Linda Harris and behind her, I believe, is Kathy Marberg.  Could be Christmas 1966, because I think Kathy Marberg passed away in our senior year 1967.
  9. clark moriarty Says:
    Joe, Coach John Heineke’s first year in Beloit was 1966.  Also Big 8 Champs that year.  I believe this picture was from that year.
  10. Joe Says:
    Another email from Gerry Watson identified the guy at the microphone in #7 as Bob Gregory, WGEZ radio personality. I should have seen the resemblence to his photo in the blog entry about him dated 1/16/07. Gerry also identified the girl with her hand to her chin as Linda Jensen.
  11. Joe Says:
    I found out the building photo (#1) is legit. It was used in a March 12, 1958 Beloit Daily News ad promoting the opening of the “new” Club Pop House. There will be more about the new building in the book.
  12. Sheila Shafer Says:
    Picture #3 Basketball Team:  #6 - Bob Tarrant (My brother); #8 - Carl Feldon ; #3 - Fran Dooly.  Think it must be about 1948-50
  13. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Sheila!  Now we just need the name of #10 and the guy in the suit.
  14. Joe Says:

    I edited my previous comment to correct spelling, etc. and offer a couple suggested names, hoping they might ring a bell… Is Karen Vandernoven standing far right behind Joann Healess.  Kathy Justus or Alicia Lernor between Bobbi and Joann?

    So between Clark and Kevin for the Christmas tree girls (#8) I have from top left: Pam Daugherty, Linda Harris, Myrna Leibfried, Bobbi Tadder, ___, Joann Healess, ____. Time to check a yearbook.

    For the photo with Coach Heineke, I’m thinking it might be a Turkey Bowl Queen from the 1980’s at the Alumni House…? Maybe not.

  15. jerry koopman Says:
    Photo #4- The one second from left is Terry Christianson. His dad was Beloit Fire Chief at the time. This picture was taken in the old Pophouse in what was called the walnut room. Everyone in the picture graduated in 1959.
  16. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Jerry. Good to hear from you again.
  17. Jo Says:
    The Christmas tree girls are all BMHS class of 67 - left to right, Pam Daugherty, Linda Harris, Myrna Liebfreid, Bobbi Tadder, Katy Justus, Jo Healless, Karyn Vanden Noven. All for sure. Knew them all well.
  18. Joe Says:
    Jo, thanks for the positive identification. Glad you found the site. Tell your friends! Joe
  19. Joe Says:
    I found out the girls pictured with Coach Heineke in #2 are the Turkey Bowl Queen and her Court from November 1980. The queen’s name is Bridget Crave.  Can anyone verify that and provide the names of the others?  Found this info about the 1980 Turkey Bowl in the Beloit Daily News archives:  “…Those playing for the Mansou Inn won the annual “Turkey Bowl” football game, 9-0 over the Dal House team. The queen of the event, Bridget Crave, threw the football to Everett Haskell and the game began in snow and high wind…Mansou quarterback Gary Hubka threw to Buzz Gunderson for the only touchdown.”