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October 2022
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George to be honored!
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Posted by: Joe @ 9:37 am

The name of George Stankewitz will be added to the Beloit Historical Society’s Hall of Fame, according to a Beloit Daily News article by Bill Behling published on August 29.   The honor will be bestowed on Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. on the grounds of the Society’s Lincoln Center on Hackett Street.  George’s name is among five deceased Beloit residents receiving such recognition this time around.

Behling writes that “George Russell Stankewitz was known to his wide circle of friends as ’Honest,’ a nickname that he earned in dealing with people. A decorated World War II veteran, he owned the former Pop House, a gathering place for young people in the ‘40s through the ‘60s that later was renamed the Alumni House. He served on the Rock County Board and the Beloit board of education. He was born in Beloit in 1923 and died in 1991.”

We knew George as a terrific guy who ran a great establishment for us to meet friends, have some good fun, and listen to some cool music.

3 Responses to “George to be honored!”

  1. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza Says:
    George is going into the ‘Hall of Fame’; that is fantastic.  Michele Pizza
  2. clark moriarty Says:
    There are many people in Beloit that should be in this hall, and George is “for sure” one of them.  He touched many a kid’s heart in all the years he worked to keep the POP HOUSE going, and he did it on 25 cent hamburgers and dollar JAMS.  I think thousands of kids owe George a debt of graditude for giving them such a fine place to go to, to enjoy, and also to experience the growing-up that is needed when you’re a teenager… and all of this under his watchful eye and guidence.  I am not sure you could find a place on earth today that is a POP HOUSE.  I will never forget George and what he meant to me in my life.
  3. Denny Hopper Says:
    Reading the many positive comments about George’s influence upon them, and how they still so fondly recall their high school days at the Pop House illustrates why George belongs in the Hall of Fame. His CLUB Pop House was an experience for us. It was a happening. It was THE thing to do & PLACE to be when we needed something to do. The food was very good, the entertainment the best in the area, and the ambience fit our needs to a tee. I agree with Clark — there is no place around today that even comes close to what the Pop House offered.