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October 2022
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Poetry in Motion
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Posted by: Joe @ 2:26 pm

Howdy friends… I heard from Michele (Chekouras) Pizza and from Kay (Cipra) Tyler that Arlene (Nuciforo) Summers had a copy of this photo featuring Johnny Tillotson (Poetry in Motion; Talk Back Trembling Lips) performing on the Pop House patio.  You can see Arlene seated in the front row among the totally enrapt audience.  I heard from Johnny a few months ago who was still touring and performing in Australia at the time.  (His web site is: 

(Photo courtesy of Stankewitz Pop House collection)

If you were in the audience and remember this show, please leave a comment… especially if you can tell me what year this is.  Thanks and be sure to check the latest comments on past blog entries.  Keep ‘em coming.  I try to review them at least once a week for posting.

Stay tuned for more memories in the coming weeks from photos submitted by Bob Harrer and Dr. Bill Fitzgerald among others.  I hope to have my research completed and this book ready for publication sometime in early 2008.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

5 Responses to “Poetry in Motion”

  1. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza Says:
    Arlene and I can Identify some of the people in the audience. The year was the end of our freshman year, the summer of 1964. Seated at the bottom is Mary Mitchell, Arlene (Nuciforo) Summers, sorry we don’t have all the married names. On Arlene’s left is Janet Hollibush, behind Arlene’s head is Donna Martin, and to her right is Sally Koloff. From the micropone wire, left is: ?, _____ Bingham, Georgia (Watson) Quinn,next person, ?, Diane (Swetland)Messer, We will look at the original and try to guess more. Anyone who knows, please jump it. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza
  2. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza Says:
    I am getting lots of responses from this, Joe. Tom (Chekouras) blew it up. And forwarded it to Linda (Garfolo)Champion. We are having fun. In the top left corner, is Pat Monahan (with glasses), Lynda (Garofolo) Champion, hand to face, turned toward Diane Swetland., Behind Georgia (Watson)Quinn, Cheryl Stevens, to her left, Steve Kjornes, to Steve’s left, Karla Carrol, top right, Jerry Kobus??? We aren’t done yet!! Maybe contact with someone like Jackie (Zahn) Rohl would help as well. Thanks, Michele (Chekouras) Pizza
  3. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza Says:
    In three days, Genie (Mitok), Arlene (Nuciforo) Summers, and I are going to bring yearbooks, and photos to my house for a powow about names and other things they may have kept. I will then pass them on as soon as we have it figured it out. The original picture, of course, it is much clearer, so if we get our magnifying glasses out with Arlene’s original, who knows what will happen!..we are having fun with these memories. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza
  4. Michele (Chekouras) Pizza Says:
    Lynda (Garfolo) Champion e-mail my brother. Jean Hammill is in there, and we now think the one between Georgia (Watson)Quinn and Diane (Swetland) Messer is me. That is very much the way I sat, and talked and Diane and I were good friends. So, for now, we think it is me. Michele
  5. Joe Says:
    Cool! Thanks, Michele and everyone who has helped out so far. Joe