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October 2022
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Pop House apparel
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Posted by: Joe @ 11:17 am

I never owned one myself… not sure why not.  I think they came in a couple of color choices.  I thought I remembered seeing a red one in addition to this blue model.  I’m talking about the famous Pop House sweat shirt.  This one is the short-sleeved model.  A big thanks goes out to Dee Dee Vince for providing this piece of Pop House memorabilia and to Dave Hernandez for photographing it.  Anyone else out there still have their sweat shirt, jacket, or t-shirt from the Pop House? 

Short-sleeved Pop House sweat shirt
(Sweat shirt courtesy of Dee Dee Vince.  Images by Dave Hz.)

Here’s a closer look at the Pop House logo…

Pop House logo
LABORARE (To work) - LUDERE (To play)
(Those two years of high school Latin really paid off.)


2 Responses to “Pop House apparel”

  1. dave hernandez Says:
    BIG thank-you to Dee Dee for letting me borrow this piece of Pop House memorabilia. Also the three pictures you lent me of your “Sweet 16 Party” at your parents house with the Chevelles performing.  I’ll pass these along to the guys.  dave hz.
  2. Joe Says:
    Back on August 24, 2007 Mike Fusello wrote: About the Pop House logo. I created it in 1954. Actually, I borrowed the idea! In high school, I went to St. John’s Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin. The academy’s logo was a shield, just like the one I made for the Pop House. It featured three latin words eaning “Work”, “Play”, and “Pray”. The logo for the academy is still the same today. For the Pop House logo I didn’t think the word “Pray” was appropriate. However “Work” and “Play”" were what the place was all about. I painted the original Pop House logo on a piece of scrap plywood, and we screwed it on the front door of the Pop House. I can’t recall how it ever got reproduced for use on the membership cards and other promotional items. George really liked the logo. Probably because it was so completely out of character for the Pop House. I forgot all about it until I saw the logo on your website. Mike Fusello Beloit College. Class of ‘54.