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October 2022
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Boys (and girls) of summer
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Posted by: Joe @ 2:13 pm

Hope you all are ready for another installment of WHOOZDIS?

With major league baseball in full swing (no pun intended), I thought this would make for some nostalgic fun during a rain delay… or just as a distraction from any real work.  The photos included here are of what appear to be Pop House softball teams from around 1968-1972.  There are fourteen teams with names like: WAFS, Boilermakers, Neophytes, Pack, Grillmen, Rookies, and the infamous TOTTS.  You might have played for one of the teams or been in the bleachers cheering.  Try to identify the team names and the players.  I recognized a few people, but not very many.

Let’s start out with this picture outside the Pop House of someone driving a big ol’ convertible with a mock coffin sticking out of it.  Who is this guy and what the heck is going on? 

(Photo courtesy of Ida & Richard Lenz)

Click on the graphic below to get to the Pop House Softball Team Photo Gallery.  Thanks to Ida and Richard Lenz for providing these and many other photos.

31 Responses to “Boys (and girls) of summer”

  1. Kevin Schmale Says:
    The guy in the car looks like Jerry Stanford.
  2. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Team 3:  Dale Poland, Jerry Stanford, Terry Daugherty, Kemil Basmagy, Russ Bue, Larry Hopper, Randy Olen, (34 I don’t know). One of the girls looks like Marcia Hanson.
  3. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Team 4:  Bruce Rudolph, ? ,Bill Kruse, Girl?, Bob Staack, ?, ?, John Posey (not sure).
  4. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Team 5: Taller girl is Jill Hanson, Guy in black shirt I think is Randy Finnegan.
  5. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Team 6 Front: Torry Hill, Marilyn Hall, Kevin Schmale, Martha Tangye, Steve Van Oss, Freddy Jackson. Back: Fitz?, ?, Dwight Hall, Chico Wells, Jerry Reeseburg.
  6. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Team 9 Front: Mike Poglaze, Sue Hollibush, ?, ?, Mike Masterson?, Maridee Schmale, Jeff Hanaman.  Back: ?, ?, Skip Rath ?, ?.  I’ll ask my brother-in-law (Jeff Hanaman) who the rest are.
  7. Kevin Schmale Says:
    I can name more, but I’m late for an appointment. I’ll get back to you. By the way, pardon the spelling on some names.
  8. Joe Says:
    Hey Kevin… Thanks. Team 6 must be the infamous TOTTS?
  9. Kevin Schmale Says:
    Are you ready?  The best I can do is… Correction on Team 6: Fitz? is Dan Kirkpatrick.  Team 1: Far Left: Clark Moriarity. Back Row: Jerry Green, Roger Stanford, John Mahoney, John Hildebrandt, ?.  Front row ?.  Team 2: Back row: ?, Steve Piazza, ?, Bear Scott, ?.  Girl is Sally McGregor.  Team 7:  Back row: Art Case, ?.  Middle row: ?, Jerry Reeseburg, ?, Steve Larson, ?.  Far right is Gary Larson (or the Larsons may be vise-versa).  Team 10: On hood: Chico (Floyd) Wells, Back row: Terry Healless, ?, ?, ?, Jerry Stanford, Roger Stanford, John Hildebrandt, Ed Ross. In the car is Dale Poland. Team 11: Back row: ?, ?, ?, Jeff George, Jeff Bue, Dave Hanson.  Front row: Jill Hanson. 2nd from right is Mike Masterson.  Team 12: Back row: 3rd from left Clark Moriarity, Tom Roehl.  Front Row: Steve Zahn(?), 1st girl?, 2nd girl I think is Jackie (Tom’s wife), John Mahoney, Mike Strain.  Team 14: Back row: ?, Brian Britton, Bob Staack, Steve Hanaman, ?. Girl on right is Joy Gundry and Fuzzy is kneeling beside her.
  10. Joe Says:
    Thanks again, Kevin. I stopped in to The Mouse to show these pictures to Tom Roehl, but it was early on a Monday afternoon and he wasn’t there. Hope to stop in and find him there next time I’m in town.
  11. Dennis Polglaze Says:
    Thanks for gathering all these memories.  My thoughts on who some of these “young, good looking kids” are… Too bad some of us don’t look quite the same as we did then.  Team #1 front row: Clark Moriarity, Den Polglaze, Dan Willard. Back row: Jerry Green, Harold Stanford.  Team #2 front row: Steve Stalker, Den Elmer.  Team #8 front row: Tony Palermo (#5), Linda Walsh in dress.  Team #10 back row: Terry Healess, ?, Doug Wilson, Dan Willard, ? Stanford, Harold Stanford.  Team #13 front row:  Gary Polglaze.
  12. Barry Bjorklund Says:
    All right, here’s Team #9 (all class of ‘71): Front row L-R: Mike Polglaze, Sue Hollibush, Rick Greenspun, Steve Siler, DJ Masterson, Maridee Schmale (Hanaman), Jeff Hanaman Back row L-R: Tom Piazza, David Lancaster, Skip Rath, Barry Bjorklund, Jim Desnoyer
  13. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Barry.
  14. Kevin Ford Says:
    Team #9  : tall guy back row left is Gary Gram; front row left of Jill is Larry Griesman; between Jill and Mike Masterson looks like Ward Richards; third from left in back row is Steve Hageness; most are ‘70 or ‘71; looking so familiar but names escape me.
  15. Larry Hopper Says:
    Kevin is right in naming the members of team number three. Number 34 is Dean Jensen. The girl next to Marcia is Debbie Debruin.
  16. Larry Hopper Says:
    Back row of team 14 is John Losey,Brian Britton,Bob Staack, Steve Hanaman, and Steve Burchet.
  17. T o m S t a a c k Says:
    The picture of the unknown person in the back row of the hamburger eating contest is Bill Reinert, a fellow classmate & best friend from the class of “69,” the class of no self redeeming social values according to Larry Hopper from the no class of “68.”
  18. mullen Says:
    I am searching for long lost relative of Peterson family… Danny E. Willard. I see his name in the softball team and since his family lived in Beloit and he was born in 1948, I think he is the age to have been in the photo. Anyone know where he may be reached? His mother ( Dorothy) was raised by my father’s grandparents after her mother, my great Aunt) died at age 30. Thanks a lot if you know Danny Willard and will let me know! Carol
  19. clark moriarty Says:
    team #1 is yours truly then jerry green then harold stanford then john maloney then tom rohel then dont know front row is denny polglaze dan willard then the girls bruneau and lepak then steve bittorf
  20. clark moriarty Says:
    team #4 is Bruce Rudolph, Jerry Cheadle, Chris Martin, William Charles Kruse (best man at my wedding) then Bob Staack (ROUNDY) the infamous Bobby Williams and John Losey The girl’s name is Faye “something” and later married John Losey.
  21. Marlene Thorson Says:
    Team #3 - Debby Huggins - third from right with bangs and long hair. Dean Jensen next to the top on top of car.
  22. Joe Says:
    Clark, Good to hear from you. At the end of August or early September, I’d enjoy sitting down with you and Kevin to reminisce more about the Pop House for the book I’m trying to write. Kevin also said he had a couple of photos from Tom Roehl to show me. Thanks and stay tuned.
  23. Joe Says:
    Good to hear from all of you! Hope you look at the other stories and photos on the blog. Keep those comments coming! If you prefer not to make a public comment, send me an email. Thanks.
  24. Jerry T. Cheadle Says:
    Team 4: WAFS Champions!!!!
  25. DJ Masterson Says:
    The guy driving the car is actually HARRY Stanford, not Jerry.
  26. clark moriarty Says:
    Joe, 3 of the guys in #14 in the front row are Bobby Willams, Steve (Fuzzy) Eichman and the infamous James (his mother’s name was Siggie) Graham.
  27. DJ Masterson Says:
    Girl in Team 4 is Faye Erickson (Losey)
  28. Joe Says:

    A while back, Kevin Schmale gave me a few more names. This isn’t all of them, but I’m working on the names from 1971 teams for now.

    There were eight teams in 1971. Here are the teams along with captian names: Grillmen (Tom Roehl), Castouts (Bob Eicher), Rookies (Dave Hanson), WAFS (Bob Staack), Dunlaps (Harry Stanford), Beavers (DJ Masterson), Neophytes (Dan Roeaback), and Tarz (Gary Polgaze).

    Team #13 looks like the “Tarz” led by Gary Polgaze (front left identified by Dennis Polgaze). Others in front identified by Kevin are: Bud West, Jeff George, ___, ___. Back: ___, Joe Porter, ___, Jeff Beeman, Billy Johnson, ___, ___.

    Team #9 must be the “Beavers?”

    Team #11 must be the “Rookies?”

  29. DJ Masterson Says:
    Team #8 mostly Catholic High ‘71.  Front row - first two girls (?), Tony Paleramo, Mark DeNue (arms crossed), Linda Walsh, Vicki Wikel.  Back row - Mike Rorabeck (between girls), Tim Monahan (just head showing), John Lee, John Murphy, Ed Hicks, Tom Carroll, Jerry Murphy, Jolene Burki
  30. Joe Says:
    Thanks, DJ.   Linda Walsh was queen that year (1971).  Other members of her court were Jill Hanson, Judy Warner, Maridee Schmale, and Roberta Tyler.
  31. Jim Eichman Says:
    Team 15 2nd fron right keeeling with miltitary cap is my brother Fuzz