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October 2022
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“Builders of Beloit” featuring George Stankewitz
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Posted by: Joe @ 2:28 pm

I viewed a videotape of a Beloit Access Television series called Builders of Beloit produced by the Beloit Historical Society with interviewer Bill Guelzow, who had owned Bredeson’s downtown..  This particular hour-long program featured none other than George Stankewitz.  Bill interviewed George about his family, his distinguished military service, his tenure in local politics, and of course the Pop House.  Bill and George showed a number of photographs of the Pop House interior/exterior, events, parades, sports teams, etc. that I’ve been trying to locate.  These are in addition to the photos I’ve already received from Vince Stankewitz and others.  The program was directed by Carl Balson.  The date on the VHS tape label is 1994 which can’t be right, as George passed on in 1991.  The program looks as though it could have been produced any time between 1975 and 1990.  I may have what appears to be a copy of the notes Bill and George used for the interview.  The notes have numbered descriptions of photographs that appear to be the same ones used on the program and are the ones I’m trying to find.  The photos may still be somewhere with the original notes.  If anyone remembers this broadcast and knows the whereabouts of the photos used on this local TV program, please contact me.

(Bill Guelzow interviewing George on Builders of Beloit)

5 Responses to ““Builders of Beloit” featuring George Stankewitz”

  1. dave hernandez Says:
    Joe, I think Carl Balson is still in Beloit. I’ll try and contact him. Joe, if you come up this way bring the tape. I can probably pinpoint the time period of the program.  Dave
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Dave. Will do.
  3. Bob Harrer Says:
    Joe. I have been the host of the Builders of Beloit show for over 10 years. Someone said you wanted to know about me being a “queen” during the sixties. I was the queen of the Mardi Gras at BCH (a fundraiser) and my “friends” voted me in by paying 25 cents a vote. The girl you saw in the picture was Sue Brom, the runner-up. Bob
  4. Sue Says:
    Builders of Beloit tapes are kept on file at Beloit Historical Society. The interview of George should be among them.
  5. Marty Scanlan Says:
    Beloit College 1954-58. George was one of my dearest friends in life. I painted the new Pop House and the Sports Shop while a student and my brother bought an engagement ring from George that was, alas, returned to him. Any info on Buzz Gunderson, Goose Tamulis, Frank and Mike Genna, et al, would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks for the memories.