Club Pop House - Beloit, WI - 1941-1973
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October 2022
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The List
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Posted by: Joe @ 6:58 pm

As you can see, I totally screwed up this blog entry which listed many of the musical acts to perfrom at the Pop House over the years. I was attempting to add some new links to it.  I will try to restore it sometime in the near future.  Sorry.


13 Responses to “The List”

  1. dave hernandez Says:
    Joe: Tramp played there in 1973. Also saw Lonnie Mack of “Memphis” fame there. It’s when George had the outdoor patio 1964-1965.  Fabulous Flippers - 1965.  Dave
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Dave. I updated with your info.  Do you know if The Legends played there?
  3. dave hernandez Says:
    YES.  ”Say Mama” & “Bop a Lena” were two of the most recognizable tunes from their (The Legends) first album on the Ermine Label.  Sam McCue was the leader of that band. (1962-1963)
  4. Nancy Belvedere Champion Says:
    Hi Joe, I just heard about your website from Kevin Schmale at the Mouse tonight. I was one of George’s chili queens in 1967. I’ll look for any pictures I have kept from that event and send them along to you through Kevin. It is great that you’re doing this and giving us all the gift of these wonderful memories. We were all so fortunate to have had George and the Pop House in our lives. Thanks again, Nancy
  5. jeff pitel Says:
    I can confirm that Zager and Evans played at the Pop House.  I attended.  It would have been around 1971-73
  6. Joe Says:
    Nancy, You’re welcome. I’ll look forward to receiving the photos and will get them back to you promptly. Jeff, Thanks for confirming the Zager & Evans gig. Joe
  7. Kevin Ford Says:
    Late December 1969, I attended a concert at the Pop House. It was absolutely jammed, which was not uncommon. I want to say Tommy James performed, but it might have been some other similar group.  Anyone remember this one?
  8. mark urban Says:
    Hi all, I’m Mark and played keyboards in a Milwaukee band called the Electric Brass, opening for Dee Robb once or twice. They had recorded “Race with the Wind” and was wondering if anyone has heard of it and knows if its available somewhere. This is a great website. Thanks
  9. Joe Says:
    Hello Mark, “Race With The Wind” is on a CD album entitled The Robbs and is available via Joe
  10. clark moriarty Says:
    I was just reading Kevin Ford’s comments about Tommy James, I don’t know about that night he’s talking about, but for our graduation party (which was held at the YMCA on Riverside Dr.) in 1967, Tommy James and the Shondells were hired by our class to play. I think from 9pm to 1am (4 hours ) for the wonderful price of $3,000 dollars which was an absolute fortune back then. Well at 11pm the Shondells show up (about 80 proof) with no instruments and no Tommy James. A few kids ran back to the high school to get them some instruments to play, and they finally got started about 1am. The night was warm and rainy and they ended up playing until 4 or 5 in the morning. Tommy James never did show up I believe.  But it was still fun anyway!
  11. Joe Says:
    Hi Clark. I happen to be online now, so I posted your comment right away. It brought to mind the graduation party that my band, the No Left Turns, played that year. It was for the BCH class of ‘67 and the party was held in a barn on a farm way out on the west side of town. My band played in the loft until the wee hours of the morning. You can imagine how wild THAT party got! If anyone from the 1967 BCH class remembers that night, drop me a line.
  12. Jack Kennedy Says:
    How about “The Mix Masters” featuring Chuck Voss on base? How about “The Bobby Fuller Four”(I fought the law)? Or does anyone remember Russ Mackie?
  13. Joe Says:
    Mic’s Masters are listed here and featured elsewhere on this blog. Russ Mackie’s photo also appears elsewhere on the blog.  You’re the first to mention the Bobby Fuller Four… no record exists of them appearing at the Pop House. A bit of trivia: Paul Stefen & the Royal Lancers from Milwaukee first recorded I Fought the Law in 1962 before the Bobby Fuller Four came out with the hit version.  Johnny Green was with the Royal Lancers at the time.  The song could have been performed by the Royal Lancers or Johnny Green & the Greenmen at the Pop House.  Thanks for your comment.