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October 2022
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The Fabulous Flippers
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Posted by: Joe @ 9:07 pm

Another one of the great Midwest show bands, and a favorite at the Pop House, was The Fabulous Flippers whose home base was Lawrence, Kansas.  Their music was rooted in rhythm and blues, placing them among the first “blue-eyed soul” bands to travel the club circuit in the mid-1960’s.  They recorded a number of singles on the Quill label.  Perhaps their best known recording during that time was Harlem Shuffle b/w I Don’t Want To Cry. 


(Label courtesy of Dave Hernandez)


In 1970, they recorded an album entitled Something Tangible on Veritas Records which featured excerpts from their show-stopping “West Side Story Medley.”  The Flippers epitomized the successful combination of a “big sound” and a “big show,” incorporating continual movement and dance steps during their sets.  The Fabulous Flippers were inducted into the Iowa Music Hall of Fame in1998, and into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame in 1999.


If you saw The Fabulous Flippers at the Pop House, leave a comment about your experience.  If you can positively identify the band members in this photo, please let me know.  They may include: Gary Claxton-sax, Terry Wierman-lead guitar, Jerry Tammen-drums, Dennis Fredrick-bass, Doug Crotty-sax, Danny Hein and Dennis Loewen-keyboards, guitars, and lead vocals. 
***UPDATE***  I checked with author Tom Tourville (Iowa Rocked! The 1960s) who identified the Flippers in this photo as: Terry Wierman - guitar, Danny Hein - vocals, Dennis Lowen - keyboards, Dennis Fredricks - bass, Doug Crotte - trumpet, Jerry Tammen - drums, Gary Claxton - sax.  (Guess I was right.)  Thanks, Tom. 


(Photo courtesy of Stankewitz family)

4 Responses to “The Fabulous Flippers”

  1. Johnny Green Says:
    Hey Joe, great group back in 57 to 63.  I was the youngest agent with musicians union called AllStar Agency.  Ken Adamany would remember me as the one of 2 partners, Paul Pattengale and me, John Pavlik and Royal Lancers.  I used many singers — Tony Grecco , Ronnie Preimer, and last Paul Steffans. We did several Regional Hits and in 1961 I started the Greenmen. There were several groups who copied us but I didn’t care because of our fame. Life Magazine with Marilyn Monroe, Rolling Stones, and then Batman etc.  The Flippers were booked a lot by me also.  Johnny Brown, one of the Flippers lives in Mpls and works with a light company.  Great group.  Keep in touch.  Johnny.  You’re doing a great job.
  2. clark moriarty Says:
    Remember the Flippers well; I can’t tell what date they played or even what year, 1966 I think, but I remember thinking “What a great sound” because of the horns, they were a great “SHOW BAND” for that time.
  3. Gary Claxton Says:
    That photo from Willard Alexander would have been from 1965. By 1966 we had added an eighth member and were never smaller. The names are identified correctly. The band existed from 1964 until about 1970 although the name was used by others to capitalize on the reputation. The band started playing concerts again with the same lineup in 1993 and continued until 2005.
  4. Joe Says:
    Gary, thanks for your comment. You and your bandmates made many people happy at the Pop House. If you remember any stories about performing there or about owner George Stankewitz, please feel free to share them. Thanks again.