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October 2022
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Someone famous…?
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Posted by: Joe @ 1:59 pm

OK… Here’s another “Whoozdis?”  Just one photo this time.  The young lady front and center is my cousin, Mary Parrinello, a frequent patron of the Pop House around 1960-62.  Who is the dude she and all the other girls in the picture are looking at?  Mary couldn’t remember, but one of her sisters thinks it was Bobby Rydell.  Is that right?  Let’s hear what you think.  Bonus points if you can identify the other girls, too.

(Photo courtesy of Stankewitz family)


13 Responses to “Someone famous…?”

  1. dave hernandez Says:
    The Guy in this picture is not Bobby Rydell. Don’t know who he is. Dave Hz
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Dave. I suspected that it wasn’t Bobby Rydell. Anyone out there know who this guy is? Joe
  3. D. Says:
    This picture is of a local guy who was trying to break into showbiz as a singer. His name is Russ Mackie and his manager was Jack Reiley.
  4. Joe Says:
    D, I’ve seen the names Russ Mackie and Jack Rieley associated with the Beach Boys during their 1970’s period. Jack, as a Brother Records exec and Russ, as the BB’s assistant. Is this a coincidence or is there some connection? Joe
  5. D. Says:
    I don’t know if you got my response to your e-mail but I will try again to get this info to you. The name of Russ’s manager was Jack Riley. I believe I spelled it wrong the first time. Jack was perhaps a student at Beloit College when he met Russ Mackie and was his agent or manager. Jack may have gone on to work with other bands or singers. I don’t know what happened after they left Beloit. D.
  6. Pat Ryan Murphy Says:
    I’m pretty sure the girl in the front with dark hair/dark sweaer is Kathy Gorychka.  I’m a ‘64 grad of BCH, married to Tom Murphy ‘63.  Always hung around with Kris Freeman, Mary Jo Borley, Janet Pulaski, Pam Erlandson (married Bernie Lampe), Colleen Tyler etc..
  7. Joe Says:
    On April 30, Bob Harrer also confirmed that the “someone famous” subject is Russ Mackie and that his manager was Jack Riley. He also confirmed some of the other girls’ names… Kathy Gorychka in the dark sweater as well as Marilyn Peterson and Karen Chamberlain. Thanks.
  8. Joe Says:
    Pat (Benedict) Starr sent this comment in an email to me: In the photo with your cousin, Mary P. and Bobby Rydel (I saw him at the Pop House, but am not sure if this is he or not). The girl to the left of Bobby is Marilyn Peterson and the blonde is Kathy Meyer. I would venture a guess that the girl on the bottom, far right is either Connie Guelzow or Donna Luebke. All of these girls graduated in 1962 with my husband (Jim). I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Thanks. Pat (Benedict) Starr NOTE FROM JOE: The guy in the photo is Russ Mackie.
  9. Gerry Says:
    I got out my 1961 year book and looked up Russ Mackie. He graduated in 1962 from BMHS.and he spelled has name (Macke, Russell) no (i) in the last name.
  10. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Gerry!  I appreciate your help. 
  11. Joe Says:
    So… from the left it’s Marilyn Peterson, Russ Macke, Karen Chamberlain, Mary Parrinello, Kathy Meyer, Kathy Gorychka, and Connie Guelzow?
  12. Mike Hutchinson Says:
    Russ’s last name is spelled “Mackie”. I worked on the ‘62 Class Reunion committee this year and saw Russ at our Friday night get together. He is currently living in Madison. The girl on the far right is not Connie Guelzow or Donna Luebke (my wife). I think it might be Barb Klinger. Mike
  13. Joe Says:
    OK… let’s try this again… I looked back at a comment posted some time ago on the first blog entry and learned that the girl on the far right is Sally Bua who was the 1961 Chili Queen.   So… from the left it’s Marilyn Peterson, Russ Mackie, Karen Chamberlain, Mary Parrinello, Kathy Meyer, Kathy Gorychka, and Sally Bua.  Thanks, Mike, and also thanks to Sue, who posted the comment on another blog entry with regard to this photo.  (Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet about your other question, Sue, but I will soon… now that I re-visited your comment.)