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Paul and Paula
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Posted by: Joe @ 9:37 am

Kevin Van Kampen remembers hearing Paul and Paula having a loud argument in their dressing room on Portland Avenue just before performing as sweethearts on the Pop House stage, probably during the summer of 1964.  Backing band for the duo was Danny & the Velaires.  If you were there that night, share some of your memories.



3 Responses to “Paul and Paula”

  1. Johnny Green Says:
    Worked with them in early days in most of Texas and then later in Germany.  Great show and great songs. I hope they’re still doing it.  I heard something recently that they were.
  2. clark moriarty Says:
    I was there that nite.  They set up the stage on the south end of the patio. I couldn’t get a seat in the bleachers so I stood in the back and just listened. That was a BUCK SEVENTY FIVE jam (expensive).
  3. Del Kesler Says:
    I bought their record several decades ago in a specialty store before there was ever Tower Records. I always liked the song Hey Paula, and I remember seeing them on American Bandstand, and later Jill Jackson soloing on Where The Action Is in the mid sixties. They have some of the most beautiful blending of voices I ever heard. Some of their songs, however, strike me as obsessive and possesive love. They remain a favorite duo of mine since the early days of rock and roll. I preferred duos back then, and was so glad when they re-released their greatest hits album on CD. I only wish I had been old enough to see them in concert at the time of their heightened fame.