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October 2022
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The Flock
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Posted by: Joe @ 2:19 pm

The Flock is another band that gained international notoriety, beginning their career in Chicago and performing at the Pop House along the way.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I was in the audience that night.  (However, I did eventually buy their LP’s “The Flock” and “Dinosaur Swamps.”  As I wrote this post, I was listening to a CD compilation, ”Flock Rock: The Best of the Flock.”) 

**UPDATE** Through the help of comments from Tom Wolter, the members of this 1966 version of The Flock have been identified.  They are, left-to-right:  Fred Glickstein (guitar, organ, trumpet, vocal),  Rick Canoff (sax, vocal)  Ron Karpman (drums, vocals),  Ricky Mann (guitar, backup vocal), Jerry Smith (bass, backup vocal).   In 1967 they added Tom Webb (sax) and Frank Posa (trumpet).  By 1969, Ricky Mann had been replaced by Jerry Goodman (violin, guitar).  John Gerber (sax, flute, banjo) replaced Tom Webb, who didn’t want to tour Europe. Webb stayed active with the band, recording and writing songs.  He just didn’t tour.  Tom Wolter adds that at the time of this photo, Jerry Goodman may have been a roadie with the band before joining.  Thanks, Tom, for providing the update.

Here’s more background infoEarly on, Rick Canoff and Fred Glickstein had a garage band called the Exclusives in 1965 when they decided to rename themselves the Flock. The Flock recorded some successful independent singles (e.g. Take Me Back) over the next couple of years, during which time they performed at the Pop House.  The Flock really took off after virtuoso violinist Jerry Goodman joined the band.  Their distinctive jazz-rock sound began to take shape and flourish. 

(Photo courtesy of the Stankewitz family)

15 Responses to “The Flock”

  1. Tom Wolter Says:
    Joe, Left to Right:  Fred Glickstein - Guitar, Organ, Trumpet, Vocal;  Rick Canoff - Sax, Organ, Vocal; Ron Karpman - Drums; Rick Mann - Guitar, Backup vocal; Jerry Smith - Bass, Backup vocal.   I would say the picture is 1966. In 1967 they added Tom Webb and Frank Posa.  Best band ever.  Loud, exciting and fun.  Great times!  I wish they were playing tonight. Tom
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks a bunch, Tom. I appreciate your help. Joe
  3. Tom Wolter Says:
    Joe, John Gerber replaced Tom Webb, who didn’t want to tour Europe. Webb stayed active with the band, recording and writing songs; he just didn’t tour. Rick Canoff stayed with the band until the 1971 break up. Jerry Goodman did replace Rick Mann in 1968. Goodman played guitar and violin. He also was a roadie before playing in the band. So if the Flock played the Pop House in 67 or early 68, Jerry Goodman might have set the amps up. Do you have any other pictures of the Flock?  I would like to see them. Tom
  4. Mike Mertes Says:
    I remember three things from that night. The bass was very loud and made the wall I was leaning against vibrate. I liked that. A classmate of mine, Dennis M didn’t think they were very good because he didn’t recognize any of the songs they did. They announced their last song by saying, “We’re going to do one more song and then we’re going to get the Flock out of here.”
  5. Joe Says:
    Recently, I heard from Flock drummer Ron Karpman who also verified the band member names in the photo. Thanks, Ron!
  6. Tom Wolter Says:
    Oh yeah, Ron Karpman. Teamed up with Jerry Smith on bass, these guys could bring on the funk! Great snare work, and with the ability to read Freddy’s mind, the Flock could go as far outside as possible then Ronnie could bring them back with one snap of the snare. Positive, nice guy who gave 100% everynight. One of the greats! Tom
  7. Moe Says:
    They live…. Tom Webb has reformed the band and is working on booking some live dates. The person that will be handling the website for The Flock is a personal friend so I get the news from the source. Rick Mann is living on the east coast and is still in the music field. Mr. Canoff passed on quite a few years ago. Jerry Smith went on to play with Jimy Rogers band The Mauds but has since left the band. I have a close friend that has talked to Rick Mann and Ron Karpman in the last few months and I saw Tom Webb late last year and will be seeing him again soon. The song “Take Me Back” was included on the limited release c.d. that Chicago radio personality Bob Stroud puts out every year with proceeds going to a music charity in the Chicago area. The song was on Volume 6 and was performed twice ( and two c.d. release parties) and was performed by (hang on to your seats) The New Colony Six. (Yes they are still around too.) Members of The Cryan’ Shames also helped out on the song and a “fledgeling” harmonica player duoed with Tom Webb on the “sax harmonica” bridge part of the song. I am that fledgeling harmonica player. (Talk about being put on the hot seat.) Since I have found this site as soon as any more info is available I will post it or you can write to me at and I will forward it to the person that is handling promotions.
  8. Joe Says:
    Thanks for the update, Moe. Keep us posted. Do you know if Edgar Gabriel will join them on electric violin? Joe
  9. Joe Says:
    Gary Myers, author of two books on Wisconsin bands (”Do You Hear That Beat” and “On That Wisconsin Beat”) wrote… “Re: Jerry Goodman of the Flock. He was previously with Michael & the Messengers and later with John McLaughlin. (Joe: see DYHTB, p.35) gem” (Gary: you left this comment under the blog entry for The Mob so I quoted it here. Thanks. Joe)
  10. Doug Says:
    Does anybody have an idea where I can get a copy of Take Me Back, my 45 is a bit scratched up though I was able to clean it up with a digital program a nice clean copy would be great. I used to go see these guys at concerts in gyms in high schools on the north side of Chgo. Thanks
  11. Tom Says:
    I don’t believe that Jerry Goodman was in Michael & the Messengers but he was a founding member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. “Take Me Back” can be found on “Bob Stroud’s Rock ‘N Roll Roots Vol. 7″ a rare, hard to find CD. Doug,have Joe send me your Email for more info. Want to hear The Flock live? Check out Thanks Joe for the great site! Tom
  12. Mark Urban Says:
    Hi Joe, I found a copy of DYHTB and havn’t put it down since I got it. It’s surprising how many people in that book I actually knew or crossed paths with before my mom made me quit the band and go back to school! (just kidding)  Do you know where I can get On That Wisconsin Beat? I havn’t seen it anywhere. Thanks for a great website. Mark
  13. Joe Says:
    Both On That Wisconsin Beat and the original Do You Hear That Beat can be purchased directly from the author, Gary Myers. See:
  14. Tom Says:
    Hear the Flock live .. The Best Band… but not the best recording.. Good Work Joe …Thanks
  15. Amateo W Seno Says:
    Ron Karpman and The Flock were a vital part of childhood as sister Michelle Seiden was dating Ron all through my early teens (1967 to 1971) For me Blues is the preferred music genre and The Flock sure satisfies… Feel very fortunate to have been surrounded by such creativity during formative years; a period of strong expresssion and movement that has changed our society forever…