Club Pop House - Beloit, WI - 1941-1973
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October 2022
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The Mob
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Posted by: Joe @ 9:59 pm

I heard from James “Jimmy Soul” Holvay of the great Chicago show band, The Mob (Whoozdis photo #2) who played the Pop House once or twice.  Jimmy identified each of the Mob-sters for me and provided more information for the book.  From left to right they are: Gary Beisbier, “Big Al” Herrrera, Mike Sistak, Jimmy “Soul” Holvay, Tony Nedza, “Little Artie” Herrera, Bobby “the Cheeze” Ruffino, Jimmy Ford.  The Mob recorded a number of original songs… “Open The Door”, “I Dig Everything About You” and “Give It To Me,” all penned by Holvay and Beisber.  They also composed million selling records for the Buckinghams including “Kind of a Drag”, “Don’t You Care”, “Hey Baby” and “Susan.”  

(Photo courtesy of the Stankewitz family)

23 Responses to “The Mob”

  1. dave hernandez Says:
    Talked to Matt Goodwin.  Matt and I played in a band together called ” Tramp ” 1972-1973…we opened up for the “Mob” at Waverly Beach in Beloit.  Dave Hz
  2. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Dave. Talk to you later. Joe
  3. Rockin' Randy Diehl Says:
    I was in a Vegas style show band called “The Chicago Fender Review” and we used to do gigs with The Mob all over the country. I especially remember one of the last shows we did down in Miami at a place called The Dolphins Locker. Alot of the guys from the Miami Dolphins football team used to hang out there and that particular night Larry Czonka and Mercury Morris were there for our show. Afterwards we all got pretty wasted together!! Our band split up after that tour and I wound up working for The Buckinghams through a referal of Jimmy Holvey. The Mob was an awesome band and I was sorry when they broke up. Probably one of the best show bands I ever saw (yeah, even better than ours!!) Rockin’ Randy Diehl
  4. Joe Says:
    Thanks for your comments, Randy. (I saw the Buckinghams in April at a Chicago Gold concert. Carl and Nick are the only original members.) Keep on rockin! Joe
  5. Dennis Holvay Says:
    Does anyone out there have an 8mm film or video of The Mob ?? thx
  6. Al Schrank Says:
    The Mob is still my all time favorite show band & as good as the recordings were they never captured the energy or excitement of their live performances. I’ve got a number of their 8×10 glossy promo photos, some 35mm pictures taken at the MaCamba Club in Sioux Falls S.D. & The Cascade 9 in Minneapolis, Mn. & a couple of their albums & singles that I’d be willing to share on CD in trade for some other Mob pictures, posters, films, videos, posters etc. I think it’s time for a MOB reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gary Myers Says:
    Re: Jerry Goodman of the Flock. He was previously with Michael & the Messengers and later with John McLaughlin. (Joe: see DYHTB, p.35) gem
  8. Ana Ochoa (Twiggy) Says:
    I would like to have some photos of The Mob. I first heard them back in the late 60’s and have never, ever forgotten them. Does anyone know how I can contact any of the members? Please email me.
  9. Ana Ochoa Says:
    This is Twiggy and I wrote on May 1st asking to have photos of The Mob emailed to me but I forgot to list my email address. Please email any photos to I origially met and heard The Mob in Jacksonville, Florida when they did a 2 week gig at The Forum. I saw them again in Miami Beach and later in Washington, DC. I have never forgotten them
    I’m Gene Michaels I played Drums for many years with group called The Original Sin from Milwaukee. Artie Herrera sang with us after he left the Mob. If any one remembers us I would like to know. We opened for the Mob at the Attic many times. They were great…(yes better than us).I’m in Radio now, check out…
  11. Craig Jung Says:
    Hello, I’m Craig Jung and I went to Steinmetz HS with Jimmy Ford’s brother, Bob Franz from 1966-1970. Bob and I were good friends at Steinmetz. My mother also worked with and was good friends with Jimmy’s and Bob’s aunt Mabel. They worked together at a local department store named Anne’s in Chicago. I actually met Jimmy when he and his aunt Mabel came to visit my mother at our home. I also knew Tony Nedza’s brother Casey. Casey and I met through mutual friends around 67-68 and were friends until I went into the service in Jan 72. I last saw Bob Franz on HS graduation day and Casey in 1991 at a party at a friend’s (Ray Kopplin’s) house. My wife, Mary, and I live in St. George, Utah now. It’s funny but we saw Peter Cetera last night (here in St George) and looked him up on the internet when we got home. Through some links, I also read about his fellow Chicago band member Terry Kath and noticed that he played with Jimmy Ford and the Executives. I knew the name (Jimmy Ford) and looking up Jimmy Ford and the Executives, I noticed they formed the Mob. The Mob was the band that I recognized Jimmy Ford being in….what a small world. If anyone knows Bob Franz or Casey Nedza, could you please pass my email on to them and ask them to send me a line. It’s or It would be great to talk to them. Thanks, Craig Jung
  12. Ana Ochoa Says:
    Joe, please let us keep this going. I know that there are alot of persons out there that would love to see a Mob reunion. Does anyone know where the guys are living today? Al, if you are reading this, please contact me. Twiggy
  13. Don Dalton Says:
    I was the drummer and Jim Holvay was lead guitarist for an early 60s rock band called “The Maybees.” I have some great MP3s of the group back then. I just e-mailed Jimmy and it bounced back. I’d like to get a hold of him or his brother Dennis. Can anyone help? Thanks, Don Dalton
  14. W. Traudt Says:
    id pay plenty for a copy of baby i need your sweet lovin. you folks are correct the mob are awesome i have the album “the mob,” and I need more mob. great music any hints as to where to get more of their music please let me know. thanxs pappy!!!!!!!!
  15. Ana Ochoa Says:
    I would like to take a poll to see who would like to have a MOB Reunion. It would be so fantastic to get the group back together again even if it is for one night only. Please post your reply. Ana (Twiggy)
  16. Bruce Waters Says:
    I saw the mob in the sixties at the holiday ballroom in Chicago. Their encore was like a whole set! Still the hardest working show band I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe recording fame escaped them.
  17. Ana Ochoa Says:
    Bruce, You are so right about the MOB. What makes it so hard is that they wrote songs that made the Buckinghams famous. To this day it is still hard for me to believe that they did not make it to the top. This group was fantastic. Ana
  18. Mark Urban Says:
    Ana, you are so right about the songs they wrote, Jimmy Holvay and Gary should be right up there with Lennon & Mcartney, you still hear those songs played every day 40 yrs later. The Buckinghams were good, but could you imagine it if the MOB had recorded those great songs? Anyone know why they didn’t? Mark
  19. Ana Ochoa Says:
    Mark, I really do not know why they did not record those songs. I learned about it when The Mob played a 3 week engagement at a club in Jacksonville, Florida and I got to know the guys really well. I was totally amazed when I first heard them. Great music and vocals. Great showmanship. They used to pack the Club every night. I also saw them in Miami Beach and then in Washington, DC. I have their albums and I would not part with them for any amount of money. Ana
  20. Ana Ochoa Says:
    I have asked this before but got no reply. Does anyone know where any of the members of the Mob are today and how to get in touch with them? It would be so great if we could organize a MOB reunion. I would willingly contribute whatever it takes to make it happen.
  21. clark calvert Says:
    I also was in the group called The Chicago Fender Revue and we had a great time opening for The Mob.  We later did some of their numbers in our show like Back On the Road Again, I Dig Everything About You, and one of Otis Redding’s, Try a Little Tenderness. There is only one member that I know where he is and that is “Big Al” Herrerra.  He owns a car dealership in San Diego.  Can anyone remember the lyrics to Back On the Road Again?  All I can remember is “hotels and motels, that’s what we call home, planes and trains, that’s the way we roam.”  Clark…..
  22. Patti Haggans Says:
    Hello Mob Fans, I use to hang out with the Mob in their “Lake Tahoe” days. My familyand I had a band as well, and we use to love to go see them and became really good friends. I would really like to know where Jimmy Holvay is. I see his brother wrote above (please contact me anytime) I’m going to try and follow up on the “Al Herrera” lead in San Diego. I would go see these guys anywhere if they did a REUNION ! Come on Guys, you’re fans are speaking !!
  23. Ralph Says:
    Tony Nedza passed away unfortunately, probably about a year and a half ago. I know someone who used to live across the street from him.