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October 2023
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Posted by: Joe @ 2:55 pm

Here’s a page that you can view to help identify individuals and groups.  It’s called “Whoozdis?  Pop House Photo Gallery.”   Your help is needed and it could be fun.  Click below to have a look…

28 Responses to “Whoozdis?”

  1. dave hernandez Says:

    Picture #4 Johnny Maestro from the “Crests” and the”Brooklyn Bridge” also Freddie Boom Boom Cannon is in the same picture. 

    Picture #6 “The Ardells” Madison WI; front left Steve Miller guitar vocals; center back Ken Adamany B-3 Hammond Organ; front right Boz Scaggs guitar vocals.

    Picture #8 “Cherry Street” Lake Geneva area; center with mustache John Meyers Trumpet; bottom right Rodger Noss Alto Sax.

    Picture #1 Girl is from Beloit Memorial I may know someone who knows her….

  2. Joe Says:

    Holy cow, Dave! Thanks. I will be getting back to you. 

    I should have recognized #6, The Ardells with Ken Adamany, Steve Miller, and Boz Scaggs.  My oversight was also pointed out by Mike Matheson who sent me an email identifying the same three members of The Ardells.  However, he mentioned the band’s later name, The KnighTranes.  Mike says the photo hung on the wall behind Admany’s desk in his Janesville office.

    Mike also identified the guitarist backing up Freddie Cannon in #4 as Paul Chitwood who eventually worked in a band called The Mystics.  They played Majestic Hills (Lake Geneva) and other Adamany venues.

    He also recognized Roger Noss in #8.  Mike knew Roger from a 70’s band called The ODT (Orfordville Dump Truck).  Mike was with a band called The FreEnterprise at the time.  He said to ask you about a guy named Joe Wickham who he thought played with The Denims.

    Mike thought #7 might have been a Beloit band called The Missing Links.  Not sure though.


  3. dave hernandez Says:
    The KnighTranes , i believe had Timmy Davis in the band as drummer. Joe Wichham played bass with a Janesville group called “The Neptunes.”  He was never in the “Denims” The “Denims” were Bob Slawson, Bob Duncan, Mike Costerison, Jeff Grob , and myself.  Dave
  4. Joe Says:
    I heard from Ken Adamany. He says the drummer in the photo (standing left) is Ron Boyer, originally from Texas. They played (as The KnighTranes) at The Pop House. Ron now owns The Village Green bar in Middleton and has photos of the band on the wall.
  5. Bill Moran Says:
    #7. The 3rd person from the right might be Mike Greenwood??? I hope this helps
  6. Pam Barrs Says:
    I think the girl in #1 photo’s name is Jenny. I’ll have to look in my year book. She definitely is from BMHS and I believe a ‘65 grad.
  7. Joe Says:
    Thanks, Bill and Pam. If you’re in contact with other folks who enjoyed the Pop House, please tell them about this site. Joe
  8. dave hernandez Says:
    The girl in the picture is Jenny Pargman from the class of “66″ BMHS… Dave Hz
  9. dave hernandez Says:
    pic 7# - I don’t think Mike Greenwood played in a band that big. I’ll contact Mike and find out. Dave Hz
  10. dave hernandez Says:
    To further my comment on pic7#… could this be “Corduroy Cloud ” ???? Dave Hz
  11. Joe Says:
    Thanks Dave.  My cousin, Mike Accardi, played drums in the Corduroy Cloud.  That could be him in the middle.  I’ll try to find out.  Joe
  12. Denny Hopper Says:
    Picture # 9 - Those two youngsters near the fireplace look like Bruce Rudolph & Chris Martin
  13. dave hernandez Says:
    pic 11# front row left to right : Jeannie Refue , Stan Showers, Linda Pickett , and Freddie Tuttle… back row : unidentified… per Ted Reimer this picture is circa early 1960’s Dave Hz
  14. Joe Says:
    Hey Dave, Found out from my cousin Mike’s sister (also my cousin) that pic #7 is NOT the Corduroy Cloud. Anyone out there know? Joe
  15. Jim Hills Says:
    Picture #11 back row l to r: Tom Monahan & Frank Spahoes. I recognized Stan Showers and Fred Tuttle in the front row and I called Stan. He named the rest and I see that Dave H already named the front row which is correct. Stan states the picture was circa late ‘63 early ‘64 outside on the terrace bleachers and the bands were probably his favs, Johny Maestro and Freddie “Boom Boom” Canon.
  16. Joe Says:
    Hi Jim, Good to hear from you. Thanks for the info. Hope you saw the updated Chevelles item. Don’t know if you remember the time Tony Mauhar and I came to your apartment on Park Ave begging to borrow a couple of speaker bottoms for the first No Left Turns gig. Joe
  17. Judi Says:
    #1 is Jenny Pargman– I’m pretty sure– class of 66.  Don’t know the girls in #10 but I’m willing to guess they are dancing the Freddie.  Remember that dance?
  18. len faralli Says:
    Photo # 1 The Chile Queen was Bob Harrer, don’t know who the lady is. Could have been the runner up. That was a FIRST!!
  19. jerry koopman Says:
    Picture #12 on Woozdis: This is from inside the original Pophouse, that had the front entrance on Portland Ave, before the brick building was built. Once a month George would bring in a friend of his, I believe his name was Ted, and he would D.J. a very loud jam for all of us. George is standing in front of Ted’s large speaker that he brought in each month. This was before George could ever afford to bring in live bands. We didn’t care, it was great. I’m sure I was there that night. I also remember the first night Jerry Martin played, but that was after the new building was built.  The speaker is in the doorway to the small backroom, where George is standing. It was called the walnut room.
  20. Joe Says:
    Great comment, Jerry. Thanks for describing the event surrounding that photo.
  21. Randy Dalton Says:
    Joe: Great web site keep up the notes on some wonderful memories. Just curious if anyone remembers Robin and the 3 Hoods from Madison. Would have been 1965-69. Randy Dalton
  22. Joe Says:
    In response to Len Faralli (Comment #18)… I talked with Bob Harrer on April 30. Photo 1 is NOT of Bob and Sue Brom. Bob is a much younger man, though he did confirm being elected Mardi Gras Queen by his “friends” around 1960, at least five years before photo 1 was taken. So, photo 1 remains unidentified. If anyone has a photo of Bob and Sue at the Mardi Gras crowning, let me know.
  23. clark moriarty Says:
    picture # nine the other fellow standing at the fire place next to BRUCE RUDOLF is CHRIS MARTIN xmas 1965 i think?
  24. Tony Mauhar Says:
    Responding to Randy Dalton post- Robin and the 3 Hoods. What a great little rock band. I remember their hit titled “I Wanna Do It- Yah I Wanna Do It”. R3Hoods rocked the Pop House.
  25. Joe Says:
    Hey Tony! Good to hear from you, old buddy. Are you still rockin’ ‘em outta their socks out there in Wash?
  26. Gerry Watson Says:
    I know this is kinda late, but the drummer in picture #3 is Mike McCormick, he was playing with the Jerry Martin Band or just sitting in for that night.
  27. Joe Says:
    Hi Gerry. It’s never too late to comment. Jerry Martin said in an email that all of the band members were local guys. When he was on the road during that time he made sure the venue provided a backing band for him. Thanks for identifying the drummer.
  28. Murray Says:
    I Wanna Do It had all the high schools in Sheboygan buzzing because the title sounded obscene, so I went to the Armory to see them. Robin wore green tights, and I think the others did, too. He was the front man and played guitar. The place went wild when they did the song.